New Business Spotlight

New Business Spotlight


Pamela Sachar, a textile designer by trade, opened KarryKlean two years ago after being inspired on a trip to Asia and Europe in 2017. Throughout her travels, she noticed the stores transitioning to more eco-friendly alternatives for shopping bags and quickly realized the potential of such retail bags in the U.S. She opened Karry Klean in August 2018 as a solution to pollution offering customers eco-friendly reusable bags at competitive prices. This year, the company has also ventured to offer other eco-friendly products such as reusable lunch bags, biodegradable bags, and face masks. KarryKlean has found great success in retail bags, reusable gift wine bags, and biodegradable bags. The company is located in Phoenixville, PA but it is focusing its efforts in the Sea Isle area in hopes of working with the small business community and its customers. "The very reason I started KarryKlean was because I knew there was a better, more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic and brown-paper shopping bags," said Sachar. "The pricing is comparable to traditional products mentioned above, with the option for personalized logos. We'd love to do business with the Sea Isle community. Let's work to bring a solution to pollution."

140 Charlestown Drive, Phoenixville, PA / Serving South Jersey


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